Volunteer = the backbone of our organization. That is right, we cannot do what we do without the wonderful generosity of so many good people. Whether you want to volunteer, donate, or simply to learn more about the Fanm Vanyan Foundation. We would love to hear from you, please contact us below to find out how you can get involved.

Interested in Applying?

Email to learn more and to receive a copy of the application.


We are continually looking for Ambassadors to help us spread the Mission Statement of Fanm Vanyan Foundation, Ambassadors raise awareness in their communities about women empowerment, as well as aid in fundraising events and campaigns.

 Ambassador Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Commit to a one- year Ambassador term
  • Hold two fundraising events per year (one of which can be online/virtual)
  • Introduce a minimum of 25 new supporters to the organization
  • Engage with Fanm Vanyan Foundation through social media.  Respond to alerts from the Fanm Vanyan Foundation and help spread the word to your own personal networks
  • Liaise with local supporters and organizations who want to connect and work together to further Fanm Vanyan Foundation mission
  • Expected to have a solid knowledge of Fanm Vanyan Foundation program and be able to represent the organization positively


Develop and hone leadership and community organizing skills

Get to know others in your area who share a passion for the cause

Recognition on our Ambassador map so that others in your area can connect with you to get involved


Group events, friend and family events, school events, etc. are another good way to get involved with the Fanm Vanyan Foundation,  individuals can host fundraising events in their communities to support the mission of Fanm Vanyan Foundation. Please email us with any fundraising ideas and we will be happy to supply you with further information about our Foundation for dissemination purposes, as well as support you in your fundraising campaign.

For more info Email