Our Executive Team


Irma Celestin strives to be a role model in all aspects of her life, leading by example to improve the world around her. As President and CEO of the Fanm Vanyan Foundation Inc., her central mission is women’s empowerment. Through indomitable dedication, Irma has transformed her humanitarian vision into a premiere resource for women worldwide. The organization aims to support their spark and ignite the fire of their passion, as they tap into the boundless resources of their full potential. She knows that each woman has a unique inner gift and purpose waiting to be discovered.

The only thing that matches Irma’s ambition is her versatility. Irma holds a Master’s Degree in Oriental Medicine, a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Sciences, both a Bachelors and an Associate’s Degree in Business Management, and a Certificate in Organizational Leadership. Her innovative approach to women’s empowerment draws on this broad knowledge base and extensive practical experience.

Irma’s dedication to well-being is evident in her foundation’s innovative model. Firmly rooted in principles of self-love, self-respect, and self-esteem, the Fanm Vanyan Foundation provides access to the vital knowledge, tools, and resources necessary to create a purposeful life. Incorporating job skills training, parental counseling, mentoring programs, and health services, the foundation provides the basics of food, clothing, and clean water while urging women towards entrepreneurial innovation.

She is a strong believer that women have important roles to play in the society and by empowering one woman at a time, the empowered woman will equally empower other women and the other empowered women will encourage and empower other women and so on. The spiral effects would be enormous and the result would be a better society and a better nation.

Irma is not just invested in addressing present needs; she wants to help these women build their foundation for a more secure future. Ultimately, she hopes that the women who receive help will inspire their daughters to follow in their footsteps, leaving a positive impact for generations to come!Together we can change the world and emancipate the women folks all over the world.